The Fundamentals of Getting an US Visa

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It is not uncommon to imagine seeing locations you see in the motion pictures. Let me presume, most of them are in the USA. To name a few, New York City, LA, Miami, Washington and Chicago are a few of the typical traveler locations in the US. You have the sources but you harbor this worry of being denied. This should not stop you from making your travel plans a reality. If you have relatives in the United States or you want to travel solo, the key is to recognize what kind of visa you must apply for, the required documents you have to complete, and more significantly, the function of your browse through to the US.

First points first, know the difference in between an US Site Visitor Visa (B-2) and an US Visa Sponsorship.

These 2 things are not the exact same.

The site visitor visa frequently called B-1/ B-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa for people wishing to enter United States momentarily for satisfaction, medical therapy, and service. In this case, you look for your US Visa with the US Embassy or Consular Office. Whereas, a UNITED STATE visa sponsorship is made an application for by the employer or close family member by filing an immigration petition with the U.S. federal government for obtaining a residency card (Green card) for their worker or close relative. This is additionally known as non-immigrant applications such as job visa (e.g., H, L visa) as well as family visa (e.g., Fiancé or K visa).

United States Visitor Visa

What is the objective of your see?

You will certainly be asked this inquiry by the United States consul that you will fulfill when you reach the embassy. But prior to that, determine the objective of your trip apply for visa to usa. If the objective of your trip is to go to USA for a short period for pleasure, tourism, and see loved ones, family members, or good friends, after that visitor visa referred to as Vacationer visa to USA or B-2 visa is the right visa for you.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you if apply for a visitor’s visa, among other things, you have to reveal to the United States Consular officer that they have solid connections to the Philippines as you home country and they mean return after their short-lived stay in the UNITED STATE. You should also reveal that you have adequate money available to make sure your expenses for your U.S. journey such as air tickets, site visitor’s insurance coverage, lodging/boarding, transportation costs, tourist costs and all various other costs.

What happens if I do not have enough sources yet my buddies and relatives in the United States want to shoulder my keep there?

This is where sponsorship sets in.

Who can sponsor my trip?

Any US-based person can sponsor visa for his/her parents, family members, and friends. This suggests that he/she has to either be a holder of an I-94 (United States Green card) or an US Citizen. Your sponsor must supply a sworn statement of support (kind I-134). The kind is a confirmation that the sponsor prepares to take on the financial responsibility of the candidate during the sea.